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BMW 6 Series Coupe 2011 – 2021 (F12&F13)

Jenok refillable aero wiper blades for your BMW 6 Series Coupe 2011 – current (F12&F13). Comes with two blades and two spare refills, keeping your windscreen cleaner for longer for less.

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Australian made aero wiper blades, refillable front pairs, Trusted by 1000’s of Mechanics. For BMW 6 Series. Specs : Driver 26″ / 650mm: Passenger Side 17″ / 425mm, Adapter: A4

You will receive a drivers and passenger side refillable Jenok aero wiper blades plus two free refills.


Body Type

Drivers Side



Passenger Side

Rear Wiper Blade


These Jenok wiper blades are suitable for

To check if you have selected the correct wiper blades for your car, following the installation instructions below to remove the old, worn out and tired wiper blades you currently have and see if your wiper arm end matches the one shown below.

Wiper Blade Arm Type A4
Wiper Blade Arm Type A4

How to install your Jenok wiperblades

  1. Lift up the old wiper blade.
  2. Rotate wiper blade 90°
  3. Press the tab on the wiper blade connector to release it from the wiper arm.
  4. Slide the old wiper blade off the wiper arm.
  5. Get the new wiper and place the wiper arm into the connector.
  6. Push the wiper blade up until it clicks into the wiper arm.
  7. Done!

*For further details please check your car owners manual

Jenok Wiper Blade Arm Type A4 Instructions

How to replace your wiper rubbers with your free refills

  1. Pull the rubber blade back to approx 3cm
  2. Pull the rubber out through the slot on the underside
  3. Insert new rubber through the same slot
  4. Slide the rubber refill along the entire length of the blade until you reach the end
  5. Get the new wiper and place the wiper arm into the connector.
  6. At the end you inserted the refill, slide the refill down past the slot that you insert it into, then slide the remained back to the end
  7. Done!
Wiper Blade Refil Instructions
Wiper Blade Refil Instructions


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