Automotive Wiper Blades

Jenok superior wiper blades for your car

Volkswagen LT Sedan 2003 – 2007 (LT35 LT46)

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$59 a pair + 2 free refills

Wiper Blade Information

You will receive a drivers and passenger side refillable Jenok aero wiper blades plus two free refills.

Additional information



Body Type

Drivers Side

24" / 600mm



Passenger Side

22" / 550mm


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John helped me when I sent him some photos about the wipers I ordered. He replied to my email on a weekend and even arranged shipping out a new set immediately on Monday. He even gave me a call to explain the issue. Impressive customer service and a very honest business. Highly recommend to anyone who needs quality wipers.

Nicole Ng Avatar
Nicole Ng

John is a perfect example of what customer service should be, unfortunately people like him hardly exist anymore. He was very professional, friendly, and kind. Very swift with the delivery of my wipers for my car.Wipers itself, top quality. I always got either a Bosch brand or genuine ford wipers, and this by far for an aftermarket comes close to both OEM and Bosch quality wipers. (Aussie Made) would highly recommend these wipers to anyone looking to save money and still get OEM quality material. Perfect fit for my Ford focus. I will always use this brand now for its design, quality, and Johns perfect customer service. Thank you John.

Joe Ferrer Avatar
Joe Ferrer

Great product and online store, easy to fit, great prices and happy to support Australian made products. Would recommend.

Eammon Hamilton Avatar
Eammon Hamilton

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