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Jenok superior wiper blades for your car

Lexus ES350 Sedan 2013 – 2021 (GSV60R)

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$59 a pair + 2 free refills

Wiper Blade Information

You will receive a drivers and passenger side refillable Jenok aero wiper blades plus two free refills.

Additional information



Body Type

Drivers Side

26" / 650mm



Passenger Side

18" / 450mm


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Placed an online order and received it within a few days. The wiper assembly process is extremely quick and easy. Very happy with the way they are performing so placed a second order that also came within three days and that was during pre-xmas postal rush. Very impressed with the service, quality and pricing. Can't recommend enough

Karin Jorgensen Avatar
Karin Jorgensen

Amazed by the quality construction of this product and they operate even better .Made my original car manufactured blade set up look inferior in quality and performance .I will be buying this set up for all my cars I highly recommend

Jason Perret Avatar
Jason Perret

I had the pleasure of dealing with John and his company via phone order. He was happy to deal with me and answer any of my queries and went on to offer me a promo deal at a great price. I gave my details and paid over the phone yesterday and the products (2xwipers 2x refills 2x additives) were on my doorstep this morning! Well packed in a postal tube. Easy fit product, (yes they were the right fitment for my Audi Q7) and wiped streak free when hit with the garden hose. Buying OZ made was a bonus. I cant wait for it to rain! Thanks guys for an excellent product and service, I'm really impressed as buying anything unsighted is always nerve racking.

Lami Dawson Avatar
Lami Dawson

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