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Jenok superior wiper blades for your car

Ford Ranger SUV 2007 – 2011 (PJ PK)

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100% Australian made and owned


$59 a pair + 2 free refills

Wiper Blade Information

You will receive a drivers and passenger side refillable Jenok aero wiper blades plus two free refills.

Additional information




Body Type

Drivers Side

18" / 450mm

Passenger Side

18" / 450mm



We manufacture aero wipers blades also referred to as flex wiper blades. These are a vast improvement in design from the traditional metal wiper blade and hybrid wiper blade providing a more constant and consistent pressure along the entire length of the wiper blade due to the two spring steel strips, keeping your windscreen clean and free from streaks and smudges. The spoiler also provides more downward pressure on the wiper, keeping the wiper blade in contact with the windscreen at speed.

  1. Aerodynamic spoiler designed to apply downward press on the blade at speed. Made from extrude neoprene.
  2. Spring steel strips bent to the curvature of each car windscreen profile, providing even pressure across the entire wiper blade, resulting in a streak free, clean windscreen.
  3. Unique plastic insert allowing for easy replacement of the rubber wiper blade
  4. Natural rubber combined with neoprene (secret formula) that provides the correct balance between flexibility and wear resistance. We only supply the highest quality rubber wiper blade inserts, it what makes our products loved by so many mechanics and car owners.

Your selected Jenok wiper blades have a hook type adapter to fit onto the end of your wiper blade arm as shown in the second photo.

Our unique design allows you to easily replace the part that wears out and stops your windscreen from being clean, the wiper blade rubber. You are supplied with two free wiper rubber refills and it takes just minutes to replace them, giving you a longer lasting clear vision.

See how easy it is:

  1. Pull the rubber blade back to approx 3cm
  2. Pull the rubber out through the slot on the underside
  3. Insert new rubber through the same slot
  4. Slide the rubber refill along the entire length of the blade until you reach the end
  5. Get the new wiper and place the wiper arm into the connector.
  6. At the end you inserted the refill, slide the refill down past the slot that you insert it into, then slide the remained back to the end
  7. Done!

We use a very scientific method to back the statement up, called the pub test. We take a bunch of wiper blades down to the local pub with the instructions below and hand them out to those looking a little under the weather. If they can fit them to their car in minutes they get to keep them. Let's just say, we never return from the pub with any wipers.

Before you think, we are responsible and remind the patrons that help us with our experiment, it is best to walk home, as drink driving even with a clean windscreen is not only irresponsible, it is illegal.

  • Lift up the old wiper blade.
  • Rotate wiper blade 90°
  • Press the tab on the wiper blade connector to release it from the wiper arm.
  • Slide the old wiper blade off the wiper arm.
  • Get the new wiper and place the wiper arm into the connector.
  • Push the wiper blade up until it clicks into the wiper arm.
  • Done!

Producing a long latest, fit for purpose wiper blade requires engineering and science, when it comes to purchasing and using our product, we like to make it easy. If you don't like our product, for whatever reason, just return them for a full refund. We cannot make it any more simple than that. For further details, look at our return policy and  FAQ’s

We are so confident they will fit, that if they don't, we will send you two new pairs free. Why are we confident, hundreds of mechanics use them and we have sold thousands without issue. Our rigorous testing and development of our products is why we are so confident.

You might have currently installed on you vehicle traditional metal arms or hybrid wiper blades (metal arms with a plastic cover). Both types and ours use the same connector, so you will have no issue with them fitting. The real difference is ours wipe better due to a better design and superior materials.

Typically, your wiper blades should last more than a year, however, it really depends on the operating conditions. We have had customer that have fitted Jenok wiper blades over 4 years ago and they are still going strong.

You can extend the life of the wiper rubber by simply cleaning it with a wet rag every few months, removing any built up residue.

The big bonus with our design is when the rubber finally gets to the end of it life, you can simply replace it, see replacement instructions.

Send us an email with your make, model and year of car, plus your contact details and we will sort it out for you.

Or fill  out the form [contact-form-7 id="2033" title="Request"].

We have spent the last seven years supplying our products exclusively to the trade, that is why we are so confident about them. Mechanics wouldn't keep using them if they were rubbish, they use them as they are superior to everything else in the market place and are cheaper, there are no mark-ups from distributors and retailers, we are the manufacturer supplying direct to you.

Yes, we manufacture our products here in Melbourne, Victoria so we can control our stringent requirement for quality and performance. It hasn't been easy, but with much sweat and tears we are confident that we have the best wiper blades in the country, if not the world.

You can find us on the Australia made site here

Only kidding, you will receive your new aero wiper blades within days of order via courier. For regional areas it might be a little longer.

As this is a new website, in time will be putting in place courier tracking numbers for our customers.

No. Different cars require different adapter types to fit the wiper blade body onto the wiper blade arm. Different cars require different passenger and driver side wiper blade lengths and the curvature of the blade must suit the shape of the car windscreen. There is a lot of science that goes into making a wiper blade and so we have hundreds of models to suit the huge range of car makes and models in Australia.

That is why we have a product filter box, so we make sure that you select the right wiper blades to suit your vehicle.

Also, quality can vary enormously as well as performance and there is not guarantee that buying from a car dealership or retailer that you are getting the best quality in the market place.

Amazed by the quality construction of this product and they operate even better .Made my original car manufactured blade set up look inferior in quality and performance .I will be buying this set up for all my cars I highly recommend

Jason Perret Avatar
Jason Perret

So easy to install & great prices as well for such quality product. Definitely would recommend!

L W Avatar

I just purchased a couple of sets of wipers for 2 of our family cars. I bought them because they were well priced (even compared to the big auto stores) but primarily because they are Australian made. I try to buy Aussie always if value & quality are ok.Happy to report these Jenok wipers & are outstanding. Quiet, clean beautifully and a breeze to install. These will now be standard replacements for all of the vehicles I run.

Craig Wood Avatar
Craig Wood

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