Automotive Wiper Blades

Jenok superior wiper blades for your car

Fiat Freemont SUV 2008 – 2016

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$59 a pair + 2 free refills

Wiper Blade Information

You will receive a drivers and passenger side refillable Jenok aero wiper blades plus two free refills.

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Body Type

Drivers Side

24" / 600mm



Passenger Side

18" / 450mm


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I highly recommend Jenock.
I found the pricing to be reasonable, had a hassle free purchasing experience and I'm very happy with the product. The blades were packaged securely and delivery was very quick. The arm adapters, blade holders and rubber blades are manufactured well and all appear to be made of good quality materials. They were very easy to fit, with the adapters mounting onto the wiper arms properly and securely. After driving on Sydney's motorways in the recent wet weather, I've found the blades perform very well. They sweep the screen cleanly and smoothly, without judder or streaking. The entire length of the blade edges stay in proper contact with the screen during a full sweep arc and all water is removed effectively. I am very pleased with my purchase and have found the blades to be as good, if not better than the original blades fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

Peter Reid Avatar
Peter Reid

Easy to navigate website makes finding the right product for your car a breeze. Fast delivery, quality packaging, and outstanding customer service to boot. Would I recommend Jenok Wiper Blades to my own friends and family? Absolutely!

Christopher Taffard Avatar
Christopher Taffard

Outstanding service, thanks John. Great product and terrific price. Highly recommended

Nick Roder Avatar
Nick Roder

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